Grammar-ease: Good versus well

Live to Write - Write to Live

Welcome back to another tips and tricks for grammar post.

So many grammar rules, so little time. Some grammar rules just don’t click for me, so when I find a tip or trick that helps me remember, I like to share it. And I hope that, like me, you’ll realize grammar isn’t anything to be scared of. Maybe you’ll even find grammar — shall I dare say it? — fun.

Anything is possible, right? Cartoon of moose with thought bubble. Good versus well as text inside bubble.

Good/well confuses many people, even though the word choice is about usage. To cut it to its basics, all we need to know is that good is an adjective and well is an adverb. There, that was simple, right? Okay, off with you then and happy writing. What? Not so fast, you say?

How about: we just plug in good when we need an adjective (to describe a noun or pronoun) and well when we…

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