Who needs transcription services and why?

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A lot of times many people I come across don’t know what transcription is, let alone who uses the services. And when I’m done explaining what it entails the next question is always, “Why would I need that?” or “Why would I pay to have that done? I can do that myself.” Give them a trial run and they go “Oh that was harder than I thought.” And I’m thinking, “You think?” With that being said we are going to explore those who utilize/need transcription services and how they benefit from it.

  1. Media industry.

Professionals is this field conduct a ton of interviews, studies and research which they then need to analyze, create reports from and keep a record of. In as much as many of them are good at short hand there are things they will miss during the interview. They can never get everything down on their notes. So this is where transcription comes in. They hold their interviews then have it transcribed. The transcript that comes out can be use for several things. One it can be edited to make the final copy for the print version of the news.

Two, it can be used for analysis purposes. It is much easier to analyze written content than audios. This is probably because of the photographic memory aspect. You are more likely to remember things you saw than things you heard. Additionally it’s easier to flip back to page X to find a certain something than rewinding an audio to minute X. Chances are you didn’t even check what minute it was. And finally it can be used for records purposes for future references.

  1. Legal industry.

Legal transcription services are popular because of its efficiency in producing quality and accurate records i.e. clearly written records that are thorough. Lawyers also need accurate records so as to be able to gather useful information not only to argue out their cases in court but also win cases. Before transcription services caught on attorneys and paralegals were in charge of the records. However they were so swamped with work they didn’t exactly make sure that the records were accurate. It is a common misconception that legal transcription services are only required by lawyers for court reasons such as depositions and hearings.

While it is true that in the beginning this was the main reason however today many other sectors like the banking industry, insurance companies, governments and other business also require transcription services. This could be for reasons such as business meetings in order to have a professional influence on legal records and also better protect their clients. Aside from producing records from the legal transcripts, they can also be used to create reports for the likes of clients and the press.

  1. Educational institutions (for both teachers and students).

Educational institutions benefit greatly from such services. It can be on the teaching side or the learner side. The lecturers could have their lectures transcribed then have a copy for future reference or if they cannot make it to a class they can simply dictate the lecture have it transcribed then sent to the students via email. By getting their lecture in written format they would not exactly be missing their class entirely just because the lecturer couldn’t make it. They would then perhaps have a discussion about the lecture in their next class. The lecturers could also have speeches from events such as workshops and other events transcribed. This they could then keep for their own use, use it as reference material in their teaching or put it up on the class/school website as part of their publication.

Students who are conducting research for their projects whether at undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level, normally employ transcription services for they research interview recordings. This is again for analysis purposes. They can also have lectures/talks recorded then transcribed either to have it as part of their reading material for school or for other reasons.

  1. Medical industry.

Medical transcription services require one to transcribe recordings from doctors and other professionals in the health care industry. These recordings are done by doctors while they are examining patients either in hospitals, clinics or other health care facilities. It is especially important for them to do so when it comes to initial consultations. During such consultations they usually record the history of the patient, the physical examination observations, the tests and diagnosis. This information then goes a long way in creating a records/medical file for the patient.

  1. Research institutions and individuals.

Research institutions are probably one of the biggest clients of transcription services. This is because a lot of research requires one to conduct interviews. Later they have it transcribed for analysis. The research can be on a one on one basis or focus groups. Focus groups are mostly preferred as they save time and money considering a large number of people can be interviewed at a go. This would also mean that by the end of the study a lot more people are interviewed than if they had been interviewed individually.

  1. Religious institutions.

These days almost everyone wants to have a record for future reference, the likes of pastors, priests, sheiks and other religious leaders are not to be left out. They can have their sermons/preaching/talks/speeches transcribed and create a record out of that. They can even go ahead to use that as a guide to publish books, e-books and website articles.

  1. Life, business coaches and motivational speakers.

These three have one thing in common, they spend most of their times giving talks. It can be to a group of people or individuals and many of them would like to have a record of their talks/speeches/trainings. Many of them have gone to use the records to write books (including e-books) or create scripts for TV/radio shows. They can have the transcripts distributed to their clients/audience after the event as additional materials. They can contain the entirte presentation or a summary of the main points. They can also have these published online either on their platforms i.e. website or other professional platforms e.g. e-journals.

These are just a few of those who frequently use transcription services. The bottom line is anyone who wants a recording transcribed so that they can have the content in written format will need transcription services. Some will need it for one time use while others will need it on a frequent basis. So the list of clients for this service is endless.


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