Outsourcing Digital Services: Have you streamlined your business yet?

Transcription and Typing

The World is shrinking.  100 years of technological advances have seen the emergence of the ‘Global Village’ (Alan Doughty – Virtuadmin).   Instant communication, information at your fingertips – every minute, you hear or see something different that happens all over the globe.  In fact, these activities have set the fingertips abuzz with these latest events; so much so that it becomes very important to capture it and post these fleeting latest news or events that just happened almost immediately and not lose its source.

An Interview for example; you just had the best Interview with one of the top Disc Jockeys in the Music Industry and want it transcribed quickly so you can get your great story out there.  A great podcast that you listened to and would like it transcribed so that you have the whole podcast in a text format so you have something to read or…

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