4 Tips for Improving Service Quality to Drive Down Call Volumes

My Virtual Workforce

4 Tips for Improving Service Quality

With the rapid rise of new communication technology, some may believe that voice is quickly losing its ground as the number one go-to channel for customers. Whether they’re looking to make a purchase or solve an issue, customers now have the freedom and the technology to contact businesses wherever, whenever and however they want.

However, while many contact centres now offer state-of-the-art communication technology, only a handful are successful at delivering quality service through new touchpoints. Centres that start using email, social media, SMS and web chat without a clear-cut strategy ultimately fail to provide the service customers expect.

As a result, call volumes and call durations rise without warning, hampering agent efficiency and potentially damaging the centre’s reputation.

Fortunately, problems caused by call spikes are not impossible to avoid.

At My Virtual Workforce, we want to make sure that our multi-channel contact centre delivers quality service on new channels…

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