Business Process Outsourcing, A Great Way To Reduce Cost


BPO Services or Business Process Outsourcing means contracting the operations and activities of some particular business process to some third party service provider. The idea of outsourcing first came from the manufacturing industry when firms used to outsource their productions or other supply chain activities to other organizations. The BPO Services or Business Process outsourcing is mainly associated with outsourcing operations such as finance, accounting, customer support, etc. The outsourcing of these services can help in bringing down the costs associated with running these operations significantly. When these services are outsourced to some other country this is known as offshore outsourcing.

IT Service Management or ITSM is the process or approach of designing and delivering the IT services used in the organization in such a way so as to deliver it in the best way possible for the end users i.e. the employees working in the organization and also to…

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