Reducing Contact Centre Employee Attrition: Top Tips to Keep in Mind

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Reducing Contact Centre Employee Attrition Top Tips to Keep in Mind

Employee attrition refers to the reduction of a workforce’s size when personnel are lost through retirement or resignation. Calculating the rate of employee attrition allows contact centres to determine the percentage of employees that leave the organisation over a certain time period.

Whether employees leave voluntarily or involuntarily, attrition could be a telling sign of low employee motivation and, if left unchecked, may spell trouble for the centre.

That said, contact centres that experience negative attrition should improve their situation with the following tips.


Communication is key

Poor communication is known to be one of the major causes of high attrition rate. When there’s no healthy line of communication between the contact centre and its employees, low motivation is bound to ensue, affect productivity, and increase retention problems.

Without proper communication, it can also be difficult for employees to align their individual targets with the goals of the organisation.

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